A Case Study

The Challenge


"Before we could successfully move all our business operations in the cloud with our data provider, we first had to tackle a series of obstacles: (1) Our data provider didn’t provide means to upload and integrate our legacy, internal and 3rd party data sets, (2) Data provider did not provide all the reports or data points we needed to run our daily operations, (3) Data provider did not keep enough history of data we needed for our analytical reports, and (4) Data provider did not apply business rules or cleansing to the data. This required that we build a local database and develop processes to download data provider data and generate our custom reports daily."  

What didn't Work?


"We started out building out a local data repository utilizing internal resources but frequent data quality issues with our data provider feeds and constant changes in business requirements coming from our business users were causing long delays and ramping up man hours through the roof. The traditional approach of building out a local data warehouse was certainly doomed to fail with a serious risk of putting us out of business. Our only option was to increase our staff to do the daily patches but even that was just another band-aid on a bleeding artery."   

Making the Switch!


"Then we decided to try  one more option — Calibrum.io. Calibrum.io kept the promises its competitors couldn’t. The first huge change was our staff’s workload. Implementing Calibrum.io was a breeze; a web browser was all we needed to configure and integrate data provider's data with our own datasets, load our large historical data, design custom reports and monitor file progress; all this in the cloud eliminating the need for costly hardware, software and technical resources. Turnaround for business user requirements saw the biggest change; it went from weeks down to just a few hours; plus, the new self-service reporting capabilities empowered them to build their own custom reports quickly and easily. The historical data also helped us move away from operational to predictive analytics. The quality and accuracy of all our reports improved measurably as no bad data could enter our database. We could suddenly respond to data quality issues within the hour instead of days, allowing us to channel our IT workforce to areas they were needed most. Data processing is now always complete in time for our East Coast business users; and we can also deliver data on time to our other internal applications that are dependent on its successful and timely completion. It’s clear to us that Calibrum.io is by far one of the best changes we’ve ever made to our business."