Easy Data Integration

Easily combine all your data of different format – structured and semi-structured – from multiple sources into one central place for a single source of truth. Get up and run without months of architecting, expensive personnel, and exorbitant start up fees. 

Self-Service Analytics

Calibrum.io provides ad hoc business intelligence and self-service reporting capabilities without having to code complex queries while allowing you to use the reporting tools you are using today such as Tableau, Microsoft Excel, or Power BI with no learning curve. 

Modern, Cloud-based Platform

Our cutting-edge Cloud Data Warehouse (DWaaS) technology eliminates many of the technical and financial obstacles that stand in the way of gaining access to accurate, timely data the need to make better business decisions.   

Evidence Tracking


Evidence tracking of data quality so you know where things went wrong and can quickly revert, see what you are facing, we preserve and maintain the quality of the data.

Easy Maintenance


Easily manage ongoing data warehouse maintenance and deployment, like adding new data feeds or modifying existing feeds quickly, simply, and without having to hire a special department.  

Scale on Demand


Dynamically scale both storage and computational power to match your current business demand, so you don’t pay for more than you need and scale it only for the time you need it. 

Quicker Insights

Real-time access to operational, financial and clinical data in one view.

Better Decisions

Better business decisions due to improved data quality and data accuracy.

Less Resources

Less technical resources required to manage data and access reports.

Tighter Security

Tighter security and greater data availability with cloud-based system.