Cloud Data Warehouse


Data Warehouse as a Service (DWaaS)

The Cloud Data Warehouse is uniquely built to the demands of the modern business. The service-based data warehousing and analytics platform is ideally suited to small and medium-sized companies who understand the business impact of data insights and want to be more competitive, but don’t have the resources or expertise of the larger players in their markets. End-to-End Self-Service Data Warehousing and Analytics: delivers the data warehousing infrastructure, features, and functionality you need out of the box. The Microsoft cloud-based system makes it easy to deploy a robust data platform without specialized coding or development.

Deploy Quickly and Manage Easily

You should be able to get up and running without months of architecting, expensive personnel, and exorbitant start up fees. More importantly, easily manage ongoing data warehouse maintenance, like adding new data feeds or modifying existing feeds quickly, simply, and without having to hire a special department. With, you can start loading and analyzing historical and current data in days or even hours instead of the 12-36 months conventional solutions require.

Dynamically Scale Compute and Storage

Match current business demand, so you don’t pay for more than you need. Your solution should be flexible and enable you to accept, analyze, and relate multiple forms and formats of data -- structured and semi-structured. Easily combine all of your data – CSV and semi-structured data like JSON or XML – into one place for a single source of truth. Add new or modify existing data feeds, run multi-dimensional analytics, and schedule the date and time when schema changes should take effect – all without any special development or maintenance.

Self-Service Analytics

Our solution provides ad hoc business intelligence and self-service reporting capabilities without having to code complex queries. It includes multi-dimensional OLAP reporting and allows you to use end reporting tools such as Tableau, Microsoft Excel, or Power BI with no learning curve.