Data Warehouse as a Service

What is offers a fresh, new approach to accessing and analyzing many different data sources to drive more informed business decisions through its cloud-based data warehouse and self-service analytics solution. 

BETTER Insights

Know Your Business Better

Competitive bidding has made companies look more closely at how they can create operational efficiencies and improve cash flow. But the data you need resides in many different places. How can you easily and accurate combine all of that data in one place to get the insights you need for better business decisions? Know your business better with

Acquire with Confidence

With industry consolidation at an all-time high, never has it been more important and more challenging to get a single view of the combined organization. Not only do you have multiple systems and disparate data sources, but so do the businesses you acquired. How can you get one view of your operational, financial and clinical data across your enterprise? Acquire with confidence with

Unleash Your Data

In this digital transformation age sweeping through all industries, more data is available than ever before, but many don’t have the technical expertise on staff or the time to turn those mounds of ever-changing data into practical, actionable insights. How can you reduce the effort to get all of your disparate data in one place, cleanly and timely, with minimal effort? Unleash your data with  


Pass Audits with Piece of Mind

Audits threaten to wreak havoc on your business through unfair and unreasonable denials and payment holds. How can you have more confidence that every facet of your business is following the protocols and processes you’ve set in place? Pass audits with confidence with 


Capitalize on your Uniqueness

While many billing system vendors offer basic reporting tools, business intelligence is not their core expertise. They lack the flexibility you need to understand and manage your dynamic business that stretches across multiple different systems. You’ve created unique business processes that give you your competitive advantage, and your reporting and analytics solution needs to match your creativity. Capitalize on your uniqueness with

Optimize Your Business

Reduce Costs

Reduce IT costs and overhead necessary to get the insights you need. 

Increase Efficiencies

Increase efficiencies (wasted/lost inventory, manual processes, data delays).

Discover Opportunities

Discover profitable opportunities within your existing business.

Be Confident

Be more confident in your decisions (quality and timeliness of all of your data).

Be Independent

Be less dependent on/put less pressure on your IT resources.

Be in Control

Get what you want when you want it (you are in control).